Pleins de Surprises au Théâtre MainLine

It's week two of Zastrozzi: The Master of Discipline by MainLine regulars LifeLong Productions. You'll want to rush to get your tickets in advance for this one, they only have 34 seats per show available! And on the topic of getting your tickets now... the SOLOS FESTIVAL lineup has been announced. There's only one performance of each show, so book those tickets TODAY! Et ce weekend, nous avons Surprise! Surprise! de Michel Tremblay dans la MiniMain par Les Productions Damalisque.

Oh yes! And #fringebuzz jobs are now online!
Les postes d'emploi pour le Fringe sont maintenant en ligne !

Fringefully yours,

Amy Blackmore
Théâtre MainLine Theatre
Executive and Artistic Director
DIrectrice générale et artistique