Chez MainLine


** C'est le temps des enchères!

Mesdames et monsieurs, nous avons des tonnes d'items qui seront vendus aux enchères, et la seule façon de vous les procurez est de vous présenter chez MainLine le 6 Avril à 21h30 . Bien entendu, vous devriez passez plus tôt pour voir Confabulation à 19h00 et vendredi pour voir Captain Spaceship.

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Chez MainLine: Cupcakes & Poetry, oh my!

Greetings, MainLiners! Amy's out of the office this week, so I've taken over. We've got a few cool events coming our way this weekend which you all should attend!

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More Brel, Comedy, Books and Yoga!

Venez passer du temps au MiniMain cette semaine avec la projection Montréalaise de The Store, le lancement d'un livre de Sherwin Tija et une performance influencé par le Yoga Bikram par une auteure et actrice de New York Leigh Fitzgames. Si c'est la musique qui berce votre âme, ne manquer pas la deuxième semaine de Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris...

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Newsflash: Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris!

Don't miss your chance to catch an Off-Broadway hit!

Nous sommes fiers de vous présenter JACQUES BREL IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN PARIS produit par In Your Face entertainment!

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Chez MainLine: Let's Start a Country! + HOT THREESOME

Did you get a chance to come by MainLine on Saturday night for Nuit Blanche? It was sheer madness with a sold-out Confabulation & a jam packed MainLine/Art Matters event till 3AM. We welcomed over 1,000 patrons throughout the evening - thank you for coming by! This week we bring you the best of the FRINGE: Let's Start a Country and all three of Cameryn Moore's solo shows. Finally, on Saturday afternoon, we present Dr. Sketchy Montreal's Art Class.

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Chez MainLine: Jam-Packed with shows this week!

That's right, this week we have a jam-packed lineup of storytelling, multidisciplinary work, comedy and art installations! Start Wednesday with SMUT SLAM V in the lobby, then come back on Thursday for Open La Puerta - a show created in residency at the MAI (Montreal arts, interculturels), Friday get your improv geek on with Captain Spaceship (followed by a special improv show by Uncalled For)...

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Chez MainLine: Encore

Cette semaine, la première québécoise d'Encore!

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The 3rd Annual Gala for Student Drama is here!

Hello MainLiners!

We are proud to bring you the 3rd Annual MainLine Gala for Student Drama this week! Our four teams of students have been working very hard and are ready to show you their short plays!

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Chez MainLine: Do you believe in Cinderellas?

** Cinderellas premieres here this week!
** C'est la grande première de Cinderellas cette semaine!

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Chez MainLine: Tons of laughter this week at MainLine!

Come in from the cold and warm up with a busy weekend of laughter and song at MainLine Theatre! Come to Crowd Karaoke to sing and laugh, Captain Spaceship to geek out and laugh, Confabulation to share stories and laugh (and cry) and to Bandolier of Dreams for plenty of surprises and laughter and tears caused by laughter.

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