A NIGHT FIGHT Office Christmas Party

Walter J. Lyng

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Me and Leighand are throwing a Christmas Party and you're invited!
For the past couple of years, we've been putting on wonderful holiday classics bu this year, we though we'd say thank you to all of the performers, contributors and fans who have helped to make NIGHT FIGHT what it is.

What does the $10 cover charge get yo u?
- Live music
- Comedy
- A glass of the hardest eggnog you'll ever taste
- Dirty Sexy Reindeer games
- seasonal warmth
- candycanes or some shit
- A brochure you can take home about harassment in the work place
- A really dangerous knife stunt
- A brand new Top 38 List!
- So much more

So please, leave the kids at home, bring a plus 1 and arrange for your transport back home 'cause it's probably gonna get really messy!

One night only on December 2 at 11PM

Tickets only available at the door on the night of the event.


  • Saturday 2 December 2017 / 23:00

90 minutes
Pour âges / For ages 18+
Retardataires / Latecomers : 90 minutes

Coming Soon

Jazz Super Fun Times is a dance class meant for those who want to get moving and learn beginner skills in dance technique in a safe, open space. Dance experience is not required, but rather we invite those who want to have fun, get exercise and dance to Beyonce. Take it to try the class out, as holly will be offering weekly classes all winter long!

Deux mondes. Celui de l'extérieur, avec toutes les incertitudes et le brouhaha de la vie réelle. Celui de l'intérieur, un petit appartement tranquille où vivent trois jeunes adultes. Louis, qui lit beaucoup trop le journal, a des difficultés à contrôler ses angoisses. Charlotte, qui passe d'un gars à l'autre, ne s'aime tout simplement pas. Et Anna, qui sent qu'elle est remplie de pus, se déguise, car tout est plus simple quand elle est déguisée. Ah oui! Il y a aussi cette voix robotique qui nous parvient du téléphone pour nous annonce la fin du monde...

A highly imaginative only child shuffles through a deck of different characters from her Irish upbringing on a journey to discover her true self. Nominated for the Mainline Creativity Award, 2016 Montreal Fringe.