Bouge Workshop: Jazz Super Fun Times with holly Greco!

MainLine Theatre

Jazz Super Fun Times is a dance class meant for those who want to get moving and learn beginner skills in dance technique in a safe, open space. Dance experience is not required, but rather we invite those who want to have fun, get exercise and dance to Beyonce. Take it to try the class out, as holly will be offering weekly classes all winter long!

Advance registration (recommended):!
Tuesday, January 16 from 7PM-8PM
MainLine Gallery (3905 Boulevard Saint-Laurent)
Cet atelier sera offert en anglais seulement.
holly Greco has been a dance teacher for over a decade, and a dancer for two. She has trained in jazz, ballet, tap, hiphop, music theatre, and has a degree from Concordia University in Contemporary Dance. She has taught dance, with a focus on Jazz, in Montreal to students of all ages and levels. She loves teaching dance to beginners and promoting body posiotivity while watching her students fall in love with dance and movement. She also really loves pop music and plays it loud n' proud in all of her classes.


  • Tuesday 16 January 2018 / 19:00

60 minutes
Pour âges / For ages 13+
Retardataires / Latecomers : 60 minutes

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Vous sentez-vous d’attaque face aux demandes de subvention? Cet atelier propose des pistes claires et simples pour démarrer votre processus, avec de bonnes pratiques à adopter et celles à éviter. Nos pistes de réflexion vous permettront de rédiger avec confiance!! L’atelier sera donné en français.

With a lending library of designated dancers for all you wallflowers, and a dancecard-booklet to set up dances in advance (should you choose to), Montreal's Queer Slowdance has all slow songs, all night long! (Except for the occasional intermission when we play the fastest songs we can find!)

with Casting Directors Nadia Rona, and Rosina Bucci, and
Award-Winning Film and Television Director: François Gingras