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Vozdukh Project

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L'Aquarium et le Globe, compagnie de théâtre d'intervention vous invite à découvrir Vozdukh Project, un groupe de danse-théâtre russe qui propose une vision théâtrale forte et unique combinant théâtre physique ou danse-théâtre et théâtre playback. Vozdukh Project est composé de deux artistes russes virtuoses, engagés et incontournables de la scène internationale du théâtre physique.
Avec Times of Change, Anastasia Vorobyova et Egor Utkin nous convient à un dialogue théâtral et sonore sur les thèmes du changement et de la transformation.
L'Aquarium et le Globe, cultural organization for social theatre, invites you to discover Vozdukh Project, a group of Russian theatre movers, who will propose to you a performance combining physical theatre and playback theatre. Anastasya Vorobyova, Egor Utkin and Will Chalmers invite you to a theatrical dialogue on the theme of change and transformation.


  • Friday 7 April 2017 / 20:00

90 minutes
Pour âges / For ages 13+
Retardataires / Latecomers : 5 minutes

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The call for submissions is officially open for the fourth annual Short Works Feminist Theatre Festival.

After the death of their mother, siblings Max and Kate have not seen each other since. Now, Kate is about to get married and so Max decides to take a trip back down to hell, AKA his father's farm. To Max's surprise, Kate's fiancé, Michael has taken over the place and is tending to the cows with his brother Joshua. As a result, tensions will rise as the city boy faces his estranged family in ways that may divide them before the wedding. Fake smiles can't last long as the characters uncover each other's secrets.

Using specific movement and improvisational exercises the body will become the genesis for character and story development. Throughout this workshop the rules of clown emerge giving participants a fundamental understanding of clown, and a deeper awareness of their own performance and creation skills.