City Boy

Kenny Streule presents

After the death of their mother, siblings Max and Kate have not seen each other since. Now, Kate is about to get married and so Max decides to take a trip back down to hell, AKA his father's farm. To Max's surprise, Kate's fiancé, Michael has taken over the place and is tending to the cows with his brother Joshua. As a result, tensions will rise as the city boy faces his estranged family in ways that may divide them before the wedding. Fake smiles can't last long as the characters uncover each other's secrets.

November 16-19, 23-26 at 8PM
November 25 at 2PM
Tickets and reduced rates: 514-849-FEST (3378)
Please note, there are no same day sales online.


Writer/ Producer: Kenny Streule
Director: Amanda Goldberg
Stage Manager/ Sound Designer: Cecilia Macdonald
Dramaturg: Rhiannon Collett
Set Designer: Amy White
Costume Designer: Sarah Mauracher
Lighting Designer: Jon Cleveland
Fight Choreographer: Michelle Lewis
Assistant Stage Manager: Stéphane Guay


  • Jeudi 16 Novembre 2017 / 20:00
  • Vendredi 17 Novembre 2017 / 20:00
  • Samedi 18 Novembre 2017 / 20:00
  • Dimanche 19 Novembre 2017 / 20:00
  • Jeudi 23 Novembre 2017 / 20:00
  • Vendredi 24 Novembre 2017 / 20:00
  • Samedi 25 Novembre 2017 / 14:00
  • Samedi 25 Novembre 2017 / 20:00
  • Dimanche 26 Novembre 2017 / 20:00

90 minutes
Pour âges / For ages 12+
Retardataires / Latecomers : 5 minutes

Coming Soon

With a lending library of designated dancers for all you wallflowers, and a dancecard-booklet to set up dances in advance (should you choose to), Montreal's Queer Slowdance has all slow songs, all night long! (Except for the occasional intermission when we play the fastest songs we can find!)

A worthy but impecunious young man has met the girl of his dreams. There's just one hitch - she's a courtesan, and she's about to be sold to a rich soldier from abroad. Can a wily, witty, fast-taking servant find a way to bring this farce to a happy ending? The 2,000-year-old Roman comedy gets a 1930s makeover in this new translation by Celia Taylor and Manuela Galindo. Recommended for ages 12+.

Tombez dans le vide avec Scream Dance Project, les danseurs explorent la mort, la depression et la peur. Ça l’air le fun n’est pas? Chorégraphie par Lynsey Billing (en collaboration avec les danseurs). Le spectacle est un totale de 55 minutes incluant un entracte de 15 minutes.
Fall into the void with Scream Dance Project as they explore death, depression and fears through dance. Sounds like a lighthearted dance show doesn’t it?Choreographed by Lynsey Billing, including collaborations with the dancers. Total run time 55 minutes including a 15 intermission.