We're going to detention...

Ok seriously. The Breakfast Club was one of my favourite movies growing up. I can't believe that we have an adaptation of it coming to MainLine this week. This coming of age classic is not to be missed. We are already out of tickets for March 4 (which also happens to be my birthday... haha). I strongly suggest you purchase yours in advance for the rest of the run!

Dans quelques semaines nous avons trois représentations de Surprise Surprise de Michel Tremblay dans la Mini-Main. Nous avons également Dr. Sketchy ce weekend, un atelier de sketch bilingue pour les artistes de 18+.

Fringefully yours,

Amy Blackmore
Théâtre MainLine Theatre
Executive and Artistic Director
DIrectrice générale et artistique

PS - Help us spread the word about my Self-Producing workshop by sharing it with your friends. I promise it will be a good one :)