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It's Application Time! C'est le temps des inscriptions !

It's the time of year to enjoy an evening at home with a big bowl soup (perhaps a bottle of wine) and application forms to so many of Montreal's festivals! At MainLine, we have three Call for Submissions to tell you about. First, on October 11th is the deadline to apply to show your choreographic work in the Bouge d'ici Dance Festival. I'm pretty excited to say that Bouge d'ici will be celebrating 5 years this winter. I think it's going to be a good one. Next up, ...

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Chez MainLine: NIGHT FIGHT!

Talk shows are awesome...
When they happen at MainLine! And we've got a crazy one lined up for this Friday, hosted by FRINGE favourite Walter J. Lyng: NIGHT FIGHT! Featuring musical direction by Leighland Beckman (from last year's FRINGE hit Horrible Things) and interviews with very special guests Twiggy & Giant Tiger, of BATTLEWAR fame. Don't miss it!

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News/Nouvelles : Flip It! Flip it good.

Yep. I just made that terrible joke. I'm sorry guys... check out the show listings below to see what is coming up this week chez MainLine. But the BIG NEWS I want to share with you this week is that #Fringemtl 2014 applications are now available on our website.... SVP référez au listings en-bas pour les spectacles au théâtre cette semaine... pour le moment, les nouvelles que je veux partager avec vous est la disponibilité de les fiches d'inscription...

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MainLine News: let's do this with DeAnne Smith & Al Lafrance

After a 7 month hiatus, we are so thrilled to bring back the popular comedy show Let's Do This! brought to you by Al Lafrance and DeAnne Smith. All the comedians booked will be presenting new material - don't miss out. Also coming up soon (and Al Lafrance is in this one too), we have Flip It! brought to you by Don't Panic!

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The Season is Launched! C'est lancé !

I am so happy to be back at MainLine after a few weeks of much needed R&R. I invite you to join us Wednesday night for a 5à7 as we launch the upcoming season. Or better yet, come raise a glass of beer or wine with us at any one of the many, many killer events we have this week. Je suis ravie d'être revenue de mes vacances et prête à lancer la prochaine saison au théâtre. Je vous invite à venir au théâtre mercredi soir pour notre lancement de saison, style 5à7.

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The House of Yes opens tomorrow!

C'est la fin du mois, mais le début de l'année! Demain soir, la grande première de The House of Yes, présenté par Last One Standing Productions, se tiendra chez MainLine dès 20h. La pièce sera aussi présentée le 30 et 31 Aout - voyez la description ci-dessous pour les heures et prix. Et puis, la semaine prochaine, on a plein d'événements excitants, incluant notre lancement officiel de la saison 13-14!

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Fall Internships in Theatre Tech + Administration/Production

Festival Production/Administration Internship

MainLine Theatre - Theatre Technician Internship

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Comedy Comes to MainLine. C'est l'temps de rigoler !!!

(français suivra) It's not quite Just For Laughs time at MainLine, but we do have comedy that will have you laugh so hard you will... smile. We mean it, smiles all around! I'm so excited that the St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival's Volunteer Coordinator (Jo Willers), one of our...

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We're Back! On est de retour !

I am pleased to announce that this year's FRINGE was one of our biggest festivals ever, with a record-breaking over $160,000 of box office sales going back to our artists. Thank you for choosing to support independent artists! We are be back to business with a jam-packed month of activities ranging from Dr. Sketchy's Art Class this Saturday to The Insanely Sinister Society to BANANARAMALLAMADINGDONG (yup, that one's real)...

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FRINGE you next year!

Don't worry team, life goes on! And next year we get to do it all over again.

It is that time of year when the FRINGE has ended and we don't quite know what to do with ourselves.

All of us at MainLine are using whatever energy we have left to return all the FRINGE paraphernalia back to storage until we need to dig all of it out again next year.

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