2012-13 Seat Sale!

It has often been said that MainLine Theatre doesn't have a pot to piss in. Most often said by myself, but that makes it no less true. We are raising money to give our bathrooms a much needed facelift. If you have ever been in our bathrooms, no further explanation is needed. Every little bit helps and no donation is too small. All donations are tax deductible and will be publicly acknowledged by placing a plaque with your name (or the name of your choosing) prominently diplayed on or near the approriate item based on the following list.

20$ A tile
40$ A lock on bathroom stall
50$ A seat in the MiniMain (if you prefer to keep your name out of the John)
60$ A light fixture
80$ A soap dipenser
100$ A seat in the MainLine Theatre (if you prefer not to have your name in the John, but you don't like the MiniMain, either)
120$ Paper Towel dispensor
140$ Mirror
160$ Sink Fixtures
180$ The Sink (or sinks)
200$ A wall in one of the stalls with the words "For a good time, call..." written over your name.
225$ A stall door
250$ The best seat in the house. (You know what I mean)

...and for a 1000$ donation you will have exclusive naming rights of one entire stall (glory hole not included)

Donations can be made by clicking here and selecting "Donate Now" or by sending a cheque or a giant enveloppe filled with unmarked bills to our address below.


Thank you!

-Jeremy Hechtman
Executive & Artistic Director
MainLine Theatre