Exhibition 399

Concordia University

This one-day exhibition, 399, is a student initiative to showcase the works of emerging Concordia artists outside the academic context. This pop-up show creates an alternative space for presenting and disseminating Concordia student’s work in a professional setting and prepares them for post-art school transition to the “big” art world. Initiated within the context of the art theory course ARTT 399/3B, Body, Arts and the State, this exhibition reflects on some of the philosophical, historical, and socio-institutional issues that frame the professional practices of emerging artists. The exhibition provides a critical commentary on the diverse and complex nature of the contemporary art world and consists multidisciplinary art practices and includes art work in the mediums of video art, painting and drawing, live art and art action. This interdisciplinary exhibition will serve to create a temporary space in which to unpack thematic of the course through visual & interactive pieces presented by Fine Arts Undergraduates.

Featured artists :
Tatiana Koroleva
Mariana Moreno Caro
Cyrille Frédérique Guillemot
Camille Lescarbeau
Phoebe Thompson
Renee Condo
Sasha Pozzolo

One night only, April 11th.

Galerie MainLine Gallery
3905 Saint-Laurent
À côté de Schwartz's/Beside Schwartz's


  • Tuesday 11 April 2017 / 19:00

Pas de retardataires / No latecomers

Coming Soon

Precinct is 45 minute improvised narrative. This means the performers know who their characters are but no idea where the story will end up (spoiler: it's always hilarious). Andy Assaf, Dimitri Kyres, and Jason Grimmer play the three main cops: soft-hearted Carl "Carly" Boucher, short-fused John Calgary, and gruff step-father of five Captain Bill Garber. Other guests will be announced soon! Together these tough cops are cleaning up the mean streets of Montreal's Plateau one perp at a time!

Des hommes vêtus de cuir remplissent les pages de nos livres d’histoire. Ces personnages prendront vie dans cette exposition d’histoire orale, par le biais de témoignages du passé, du présent et du futur des gens de cuir de Montréal.
Men clad in tight leather fill chapters in our queer history book. This exhibit brings history to life through an oral history gallery exhibition exploring testimony from Montréal’s leatherfolk past, present and future.

An impending collision of live video & shifting performance spaces / identity & celebrity / high fashion & low budget -- propelling spectator and performer alike into a hypnotic journey as we explore the connection between [contemporary ""SAD GIRLS"" & classical TRAGIC QUEENS] in an intoxicating performance party.