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So, as some of you know, every year I like to record a drunken karaoke album of myself singing Christmas carols. Then I burn a CD, come up with a silly cover, and then hand them out to friends and family as gifts because it is a riot and a hoot.

Then a couple years back, I got tired of singing by myself, and decided to create an event where we could all sing together! And you came out! And we recorded a whole album in one night and I sent everyone a link to download the enormous album we sang into being.


On the night of December 12th, come sing it loud, proud, and in a crowd as we cut an album for 2017.

For those of you who are coming for the first time, it will be a crowd karaoke sort of situation where we play the music and project the lyrics and everyone sings drunkenly together. The whole thing will be recorded, and I will take the audio home and cut tracks and make up some cover art and then everyone will get a download link they can distribute to family and friends. We can cut a Christmas album in three hours of drunk, raucous singing!

And if you're curious what the whole thing sounds like, here is just one of the tracks we recorded a year ago:


Mainline Theatre
3997 Blvd. St-Laurent
(Just south of Duluth on the East side of the street)

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017
Doors at 8, Warmup songs at 8:30, and recording begins at 9 PM. We go till around midnight.

$10 admission.
(If you would like an actual CD mailed to you with the final album on it, sign up with the organizer at the event with your address. It'll cost you another $10 for burning, packaging and mailing, though. And no guarantee it'll get to you before Xmas!)

Regretfully, the Mainline Theatre is not wheelchair-accessible. There is a single step through a glass door into the stairwell, and then there are 12 steps from there up to the theatre floor. There are 3 single-stall gender-neutral bathrooms on the premises, but none accomodate wheelchair-users.

18+ (as alcohol will be available for purchase)


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  • Tuesday 12 December 2017 / 21:00

210 minutes
Pour âges / For ages 18+
Retardataires / Latecomers : 210 minutes

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